Converting Your Standard 2D photo Into a 3D Design

The first thing we do is use special computer software to model the image into a 3D design. Due to a lack of spatial information in the original 2D image, only an experienced computer graphic designer can do this. We have a team of highly trained and dexterous designers who are well-versed with the most advanced computer technologies which convert two-dimensional photographs into three-dimensional models. Thanks to our skilled team and special software, we can convert images of almost all kinds of objects with ease, including images of people, vehicles, animals, buildings, and so on. Our 3D results are excellent. You can hardly tell they were converted from a 2D image! Our 3D images look so good that one might mistake them for photographs taken with a real 3D scanner!


Etching in Glass

This process will awe you. The converted image is etched in glass using a ground-breaking subsurface marking green-laser machine. During this process, a laser beam controlled by a computer penetrates through the transparent surface of the glass block and makes hundreds of thousands micro-cracks by focusing the concentrated energy in a particular point inside the glass. Together, such dots create the desired three-dimensional image.


How to Order Your 3D Photo Crystal

What we need from you is just a good quality photo. Give us a great photo and we will create a priceless 3D photo crystal gift for you – something that you will cherish forever. We are confident that once you receive your 3D image, you would not be able to hold back a loud “wow!” Imagine giving this 3D photo crystal to your loved one! It makes one of the most beautiful and touching gifts in the world!

Our commitment to converting your photo into a stunning 3D photo crystal is so strong that if you are not satisfied with our efforts, we would happily refund your purchase. For more details on 100% money back guarantee, read our Return Policy.

Tip: Add an optional light base to your pick after uploading the image. Your crystal would give a radiant shine and display the engraved 3D image in the most stunning manner.